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First Mate Inc. Announces New Swinging Door System


First Mate Inc. is releasing its newest innovation for marine industry products.

The research and development department at First Mate has been busy, and all that hard work has paid off. Now available is the first patented, all air operated control system for swinging doors. This new system allows for the smooth quiet opening of swinging doors without the possibility of gears jamming, or mechanical parts getting stuck. Just the great reliability of air operation.

Ron Adams, founder of First Mate Inc. has stressed how important he feels it is to have the safety of air control on boats. "At first a lot of people thought it was a gadget, something to impress your friends with, but now most people can see the importance of having a safety system on the doors and heavy moving parts on boats. These heavy moving part can be hazardous to adults and potentially fatal for kids and pets, that's why I'm glad we have been able to introduce this swinging door system. This is just another way that we can help make boating safer and more enjoyable for everyone."

For more information visit First Mate on the web at www.firstmateinc.com or call