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First Mate Inc. Announces Man-O-War Retrofit

First Mate Inc. is announcing an unprecedented advance in pneumatic door system technology.

For too long, lower quality systems, and poorly designed devices have been used to operate and maintain safety on doors within the marine industry. That era is officially over.

First Mate Inc. has just introduced a retrofit to replace the old and non-working systems on all yachts with pneumatic sliding door technology. Easily installed and even easier to operate, this system comes with a full two year warranty on parts and labor*. Gone are the days of frustration and humiliation that occur when your system malfunctions.

First Mate Inc. was the first in the industry with a pneumatic sliding door system and the only company with a patented system that continues to work, year after year. They are the original pioneers in their field and are coming up with new innovations regularly. Besides the new Man-O-War retrofit First Mate Inc. has the original Door Mate System for sliding doors, and the newly introduced Door Mate Swinging Door System. Additionally there are add-ons such as keyless remote entry, motion sensors, light beam technology, and auto reverse.

When you want cutting edge patented technology, contact the original, First Mate Inc.



*Labor warrantee only available in the Broward County Area